MADS IoT Platform

100% self-service, no-code, intuitive IoT platform for 500x rapid implementation of enterprise IoT projects.

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Open-source MIT Licensed. GitHub v0.0.1

MADS IoT Platform - Monitor, Automate, Diagnose, Secure

IoT Analytics

MADS has Power BI/Tableau-like capabilities for aggregated analysis and visualisation of real-time and parallel IoT streams.

IoT Scalability

MADS uses the technology behind WhatsApp and Facebook (EVM) for concurrently handling millions of messages.

IoT Security

MADS enforces Datakrew's patented post-quantum encryption on top of best-in-class TLS1.2 over HTTPS.

Hardware Agnostic

MADS is a hardware agnnostic IoT platform and supports and any device or gateway sending data over MQTT, HTTPS or CoAP.

Open Source

MADS is built with a vision of empowering the users (self-service superpowers!) and forwarding the IoT community.


A single MADS instance can serve multiple independent tenants and their data is completely isolated from each other.