Getting Started


The login page of Cockpit is MADS login page

After login cockpit screen look like below MADS login page

User can Select Organization by clicking on perticular organization show as below.
For ex: Datakrew Singapore MADS login page

Logout icon. MADS login page

User can view the shared dashboards from MADS-STUDIO and select a dashboard to view by clicking eye icon. MADS login page

After clicking on eye icon user will see shared dashboard widget section. MADS login page

Dashboard Header

Three actions are perform in header

1. Cockpit Logo : User can see cockpit logo present at the top left of the dashboard header.
2. Search Dashboard : User can search dashboard.
3. Logout : User can logout by clicking a down arrow present at the top right corner of the dashboard header, after that drop down will be open and click Log Out. MADS login page

Dashboars sidebar

User can go back to select organization screen clicking Back button present at the buttom of the dashboard sidebar as show below. MADS login page