Realtime Historical Settings

Realtime Historical settings is used to change the dashboard widgets data timeframe.
Timeframe can be Realtime or Historical

User can update these with the help of action as shown below. Dashboards app

After clicking on the icon, Realtime Historical settings right panel will be opened. This is used when user want to view the realtime data with the help of widgets. Dashboards app

Realtime settings

Dashboards app

History Settings

Dashboards app

History Settings are divided into two parts.

  1. Relative Settings
  2. Absolute Settings

Relative Settings Dashboards app Absolute Settings Dashboards app

When user change these settings, it will be applicable to all of the widgets present on the current dashboard tab. These settings will not be shared across other tabs.

However if user wants to change realtime historical settings for a single widget, he can achieve this by clicking on the icon present at the top right corner of every widget as shown below.
Dashboards app

But these individaul widget realtime historical settings will not be saved, means if user goes away from this tab and comes back again, then all widgets will have the realtime historical settings which we have set for the whole tab from the dashboard header icon.