Exporting Visualisation


It is possible to export the created visualization to the dashboard using export visualization feature.

Exporting Visualization

To export any Visualization, click on the Export button:

Export Visulization

Upon clicking on Export button, Export Widget modal will open like this:

Export Widget

Export Widget modal has following fields which user needs to fill:

  • Title: Title of the widget, which will be shown on dashboard
  • Description: Description of the widget which will be shown on dashboard
  • Dashboard: User needs to select from available dashboards, where this visualization will be exported
  • Panel: User needs to select from panels of the above selected dashboard

User needs to select a dashboard from dropdown of all available dashboards, where the respective visualiuzation gets exported as widget. Also, they have to choose a panel from the available panels of the selected dashboard.

Dashboard Dropdown Panel Dropdown

So, this is how the final modal will look, if user fills all the information to export:

Exported Details

Upon clicking on Save button, respective visualization will gets exported to the panel of the selected dashboard.

User can go to dashboards app and choose the respective dashboard and verify if visualization is exported or not.

Exported to Dashboard