Upload Images


Upload Image icon

We can upload images to the editor using icon shown above.

Once an image is uploaded, a sidebar will open on the right side where we can change the settings of the image using options shown below.

We can delete image either using delete icon or via delete key also.

Once our changes are done, we can save it via Apply Changes button on the bottom of the sidebar.

Image actions

Below are the On Board Alignment options which are used to change the position of the image with respect to other editor elements.

  1. Bring to front
  2. Send to back
  3. Bring forward
  4. Send Backward

Other than above actions, we can also perform few more operations like Drag, Rotate and Resizing images as shown below. Here we have dragged our above image to bottom, resized it and rotated it also.

Resized Image

Note: Operations like Drag, Resize, Rotate and On board Alignment are available for all the elements which we add to the editor.