Gateway Details


The gateway details page provides all the information about provisioning a gateway in the field and making it ready for sending data to the platform.

Gateway Detail

It has the following tabs from L to R

  • Details
  • Parameter
  • Parameter Mapping
  • Commands
  • Latest Logs
  • Sensors


The details page shows the information which may be required for connecting a device to the platform. While creating a gateway the user can chosse what channel(HTTP/MQTT) to use for sending the data.

The details page shows channel specific information. If the channel is HTTP then

Gateway Detail

It shows the URL info and the Bearer token which will be used to send the data to the platform. You can make a POST request with the payload to send data to the platform.

In case the channel is MQTT then

Gateway Detail

It shows the following information for publishing data to the platform.

  • Hostname
  • Port
  • ClientID
  • Username
  • Password
  • Topic


The parameters tab helps to set static and dynamic parameters for a gateway.

  • Static parameters: Static parameters are key-value pairs which define certain properties of the gateway and won’t change. They can be modified by the user itself. Examples of static parameters are model, make, serial numbers etc. for identifiying the gateway.
  • Dynamic parameters: Dynamic parameters are device parameters which will be sent by the gateway in the payload. Please keep in mind these parameters are different from sensor parameters. These parameters are usually related to gateway for example battery level, cpu usage, memory usage, device temperature etc.
Gateway parameters

Parameter Mapping

The parameter mapping is a very important feature which allows to create a mapping between the incoming JSON payload and the sensor parameters in the system. Parameter gives a structure way incoming data is stored in the platform. Detailed information is provided about this feature on the Parameter Mapping document.

Parameter Mapping

Latest Logs

The Latest logs shows all the data which is coming from the sensors in the JSON format. Latest logs contains logs and errors. We can see the realtime logs and errors in every 5 seconds if we turn on auto-sync option as per the selected timeframe

Latest logs


The sensor page shows all the sensors connected to the gateway. The connected sensors are automatically inferred from the parameter mapping page. All the sensors whose parameters are mapped to a gateway are considered connected to the gateway. See Parameter Mapping for detailed info.

Gateway Sensors