IoT Manager


The IoT Manager app is one of the most essential apps on the platform which allows the users to manage devices which send data to the platform. These devices form the backbone of the IoT newtwork that will be used for sensing and monitoring any infrastructure. In the MADS world, devices which collect data from multiple sensors and transmit the data over some communication channel(Wifi, 3G/4G, etc) using a communication protcol(HTTP, MQTT, CoAP) are referred to as gateways.
Gateways are digital representation of the physical devices which send data to the platform. While defining a gateway the user defines all the artifacts which will be required for the management and security of the physcial devices provisioned for a use case. Gateways in the platform are grouped by their projects.

To use the app look out for the following icon.

IoT Manager app

You can find it in the appbar as shown below.

IoT Manager icon in the appbar

Click on this icon to launch the IoT Manager app. The IoT Manager app will open, and default tab is the Home tab, as in the image below.

IoT Manager home

In the IoT Manager app, there is a sidebar menu with the following icons.

IoT Manager menu

The icons mean the following (L to R):

  1. Topology
  2. Gateways

We can also create the alert rules for the sensor parameters, see Alert Rule


The toplogy feature shows the hierarchy of assets, sensors and gateways. The main idea behind it is to show the users how the assets and sensors are placed with respect to gateways in the physical world.
Assets are the physcial entities being monitored. The assets are monitored with the help of sensors, see Entity Manager app for more details on how sensors are used to monitor assets. Gateways are used for accumulating the sensor data and sending it to the platform. Just like sensors gateways can be physically associated with an asset, however unlike sensors which collect data for only the asset they are attached with, the gateway can be collecting data from multiple sensors which might be present on multiple assets.

Gateway topology

The gateway topology is defined per project. To see the topology \

  1. Click on the topology icon in the left sidebar.\

  2. Choose a project.

    Project listing
  3. Expand the tree and click on any gateway to show the sensors it is connected to.

Topology Tree


The Gateways tab shows all the gateways which were created for a project. It also allows the user to create a new gateway in a project.

To see all the gateways for a project, click on the gateways tab and select the projects.

Project List Gateway Tab

On clicking on any of the projects you will be able to see the list of gateways in the project.

Topology Tree

The gateways listing shows the following information about gateways:

  • Name: A user identifiable name for the gateway.
  • UUID: A unique identifier for the gateway.
  • Channel: The transport protocol being used by the gateway.
  • Status: The status of the gateway, if it’s active or inactive.