General FAQ

Q. What is MADS?
A. MADS is a no-code IoT platform for rapid implementation of large-scale enterprise IoT projects. For more read – What is MADS?

Q. Who should use MADS?
A. MADS should be used by companies who want to implement in-house IoT projects; and also by IoT solution providers and services companies who offer IoT solutions and services to their customers.

Q. What type of IoT projects can MADS support?
A. MADS has the building blocks (apps) to support any enterprise IoT project. Click here for some examples.

Q. Why should I use MADS?
A. Because MADS cuts down IoT development and customization time from weeks to hours (500x). For more read – Why use MADS?

Q. Who owns MADS?
A. The MADS platform base (aka the MADS OS) is open source, copyright under license the GNU General Public License v3.0 to Datakrew Pte. Ltd. Singapore. Some MADS apps are bundled with the platform. Other apps could be proprietory.

Q. How can I signup for MADS?
A. See Getting Started.

Technical FAQ

Q. Is MADS a platform or an OS?
A. MADS is a platform with an OS-like UI hosting multiple apps from an AppStore.

Q. Who builds the MADS apps?
A. Datakrew, as of now. But the MADS AppStore is open to hosting 3rd party apps.

Q. Can I build my own MADS apps?
A. Yes, you are welcome to. Contact us for details. We have a roadmap of releasing SDKs to the public to allow developers to build and launch apps on the MADS platform OS.

Q. What do the apps do?
A. Some apps are task-specific, while other apps are industry-specific, and yet other apps are solution-specific.