MADS works on an Apps ecosystem which come from an AppStore. These apps allow users to perform different actions necessary in a complete IoT project. Below is a summary of some key apps and things you can do with them.

# App About
1 Dashboards Rapidly create unlimited configurable dashboards, white-label with your company logo, and easily share.

Things you can do:
1) Drag and drop UI
2) Over 200 widgets
3) Public or private share
4) Easy white-labeling
2 Widget Manager Explore and choose from 200+ widgets (charts, maps, stocks, etc) or easily create your own widget.

Things you can do:
1) Explore widget library
2) Make new widgets
3) Sell your widgets
4) Track widget usage
3 Data Cruncher No-code visual programming for IoT data analytics by connecting data blocks, functions and actions.

Things you can do:
1) Visual programming
2) RPA task bots
3) Custom BI rules
4) Custom code blocks
4 Role Manager Define user roles and manage user-level access control to MADS apps and actions within the apps.

Things you can do:
1) Custom user roles and groups
2) Permission management
3) App level action control
4) Monitor user logs and reports
5 Entity Manager Design flexible multi-level project hierarchy exactly mapping any real-world IoT use-case.

Things you can do:
1) Multi-level assets
2) Custom assets and sensors
3) Custom metadata and parameters
4) Easy interactive entity map UI
6 IoT Manager Configure and actuate devices and gateways. Manage firmware updates, JSON mapping and heartbeats.

Things you can do:
1) Hardware agnostic
2) HTTP, MQTT, CoAP support
3) Custom JSON mapping
4) Command and OTA updates
7 Alerts Easily define data conditions, alert rules and actions when a combination of conditions are true.

Things you can do:
1) Statistical rules
2) Machine learning rules
3) Email or WhatsApp alerts
4) RPA action triggers
8 Data Insights Aggregated data analytics and visualisation, historical trends or future forecasts of IoT data.

Things you can do:
1) Pivot table visualisation
2) Dynamic rela-time analysis
3) Export to dashboards
4) Export to reports
9 Digital Twin Create and visualise code-free 2D and 3D graphical models of real world assets as digital proxies.

Things you can do:
1) Import or create 3D models
2) Pair with physical assets
3) Dynamic sticky notes
4) Predective AI analytics
10 Tenant Manager On-board tenant organisations, allocate apps as per project needs and budget, monitor usage and bills.

Things you can do:
1) Manage tenants
2) Allocate resources
3) Monitor usage
4) Monitor billings