What is MADS?

MADS is a 100% self-service no-code intuitive IoT platform for rapid implementation of enterprise IoT projects. It enables quick development, management, and scaling of IoT projects. MADS is available both as an on-cloud and on-premises solution.

Feature Highlights

With MADS you are able to:

  • Define your multi-level IoT project hierarchy exactly as in the real world
  • Define the relation between your project entities (assets and sensors)
  • Provision IoT gateways (devices) for your IoT streaming data
  • Collect and visualize data from your assets and sensors
  • Perform aggregated trend analytics on historical data
  • Analyze incoming sensor data and trigger alarms with customizable event rules
  • Design dynamic and responsive dashboards and share them externally
  • Enable use-case specific features using customizable stream rules
  • And much more …

MADS Overview

MADS overview MADS overview. Enlarge

The simplest way to understand the building blocks of an IoT project is:

Hardware → Communication → Software Backend → Applications

The MADS Core sits in the Software Backend layer, does all the heavy lifting, and interacts with the MADS Frontend ie. the Applications layer through a set of APIs. We call the combined MADS Core and Frontend experience the MADS Platform. Now talking about the layers below – MADS supports major IoT Communication protocols such as HTTPS, MQTT, CoAP, and it agnostic to the IoT Hardware, commonly referred to as device or gateway. This means MADS can ingest data from any hardware source (sensors, gateways, devices of any brand, of any output type ie. RS485, 4-20mA, 0-10V, pulse, etc., over any channel ie. WiFi, 3G/4G, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Satellite, etc.) as long as they are communicating over the supported protocols (HTTPS, MQTT, CoAP).

The MADS platform consists of multiple blocks responsible for handling different aspects needed to run a complete IoT platform (as shown in the figure below). And one of the most important user-facing blocks is the MADS AppStore. MADS is an app-based platform with a very intuitive OS-like UI.

The apps in the MADS AppStore can be segregated into six categories:

  • Core
  • Productivity
  • Management
  • Analytics
  • Security
  • General

MADS apps MADS apps. Enlarge

As of the publishing of this page, dated 7 March 2021, a total of 32 apps are in our roadmap as shown in the figure above. But currently 10 apps have been released. For details visit the MADS Apps page.

MADS Characteristics

MADS characteristics MADS characteristics. Enlarge

MADS is built using the industry’s leading software products and best practices followed by some of the leading software companies globally. MADS brings high-performance software engineering to IoT.

MADS Pillars

MADS pillars MADS pillars. Enlarge

The three key pillars of MADS are analytics, scalability, and security.