Why use MADS?

MADS’s core value proposition is rapid implementation of enterprise IoT projects. MADS cuts down development and customization time from weeks to hours (500x).

MADS Benchmarking

MADS benchmarking MADS benchmarking. Enlarge

Any enterprise IoT project, be it Smart city traffic optimization, Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance, Smart building energy management, Vehicle fleet tracking, or anything else – has some desired outcome to realize the ROI of the project. This is what most stakeholders are interested in, and this is all they see. This is the layer which “translates IoT data to business value”. But this is only the tip of the iceberg of a typical enterprise IoT project. What goes underneath this are the foundational layers of building an IoT project. It typically starts from designing the IoT project architecture ie. defining the asset hierarchy and sensors/devices/gateways used. The next step is connecting and collecting the IoT data into the IoT platform, followed by creating data rules defining how to handle the incoming data and associated triggered actions. Finally, the most important step is to analyze the data through ML/AI or statistical tools and to visualize the data through interactive dashboards, digital twins, AR/VR interfaces, etc.

Today, most IoT solution and services companies build these foundational layers manually (ie. program them) and customize them every single time there are new requirements. This process is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Or should we say was? Because not anymore! MADS brings a total paradigm shift in how we do IoT project development and customization. Each of these steps, which used to take weeks earlier through manual programming efforts, now can be done in a matter of hours leveraging the no-code easy-to-use intuitive MADS platform. And that is exactly why we say – MADS is an IoT enabler.

MADS Experience

MADS brings a 180° paradigm shift in how IoT projects are executed today. Most IoT solutions and services companies offer hardcoded solutions in a range of prebuilt templates that they try to fit into a customer’s use-case. This is a one-size-fits-all approach that does not work in IoT, because requirements vary from customer to customer even within the same industry domain. Even for the same customer, requirements could vary from site to site or project to project. And even within a single site or any given project, the requirements always evolve over time – in 6 months, a year or so.

So what do these companies do? They take the customization requests from the customers and spend their company resources ie. manual programming hours of their workforce (architects, designers, programmers, testers) to implement those updates. This is a time-consuming and expensive process, typically taking up to a few weeks. Eventually, the customer is left with a poor experience. They have to make do with hardcoded dashboards and a fixed set of analytics provided by the vendor. There is hardly any room for on-the-go custom business logic implementation from the customer. And to add to the woes, the customers have to pay for every single customization service they avail.

Experience with most IoT companies Experience with most IoT companies. Enlarge

But MADS works differently. Instead of saying “Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it for you.”, we say “Take this platform, and easily build what you want.” The steps to build an IoT project as highlighted earlier becomes super easy and fast with MADS – what used to take weeks earlier only takes hours with MADS. Customers get a far superior experience in terms of flexibility, speed, and costs.

Experience with MADS Experience with MADS. Enlarge