Excel Feature helps us to download excel report based on the selected sensors and time interval.

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Excel contains 5 sections i.e

  1. Select parameters
  2. Select range
  3. File type
  4. Sheet preferences
  5. Email

Select parameters

In select paramenter section, we can select sensors from the project tree.

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Select range

In select range section, we can add start date(From) and end date(To) for getting the data for particular time interval.

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File type

In file type section, we have to select the type of file in which we want to download the file. Currently only one option is available XLSX, other options will come very soon i.e XLS, PDF, and CSV.

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Sheet Preferences

In sheet preference section, we have select the sheet preference as how the sensor data will be visible in the excel sheets. Currently only one option is available Create multiple sheets by Project.Gateway name (In this we get the excel with separate sheet as per the gateways. Suppose we selected 2 sensors one is from Windy Heights/Building Red/Apt Red 11/Energy Mtr Red 11 and other is Mukesh/LDR/LDR, so we get 2 different sheets in the excel as per gateway name i.e Building Red and Mukesh, both sheets contains particular data for the selected sensor.

Other preferences will be coming soon i.e Merge into a single sheet with one timestamp column and Merge into a single sheet with multiple timestamp columns by Project.Gateway name.

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In email section, we can add email where user want to send the report.

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After completing all the steps, click on download button to download the report and also email will be sent to the email id which is added in email section.