Create a Report

To create a Report, click on the Create New Report button as shown in below image.

Report create button

Clicking on it will open a sidebar like shown in below image. Enter name of new Report and then click Apply Changes button.

Report create sidebar

Once we click on Apply Changes button, detail page will open as shown in below image. Here we can see the sidebar on the left and editor on the right side.

Reports detail page

In Reports details page, we have various options like Save, download or schedule report and also report sidebar icons.

For downloading the report, we have to click on download button from the report detail page and report will be downloaded in PDF format.

Repost sidebar icons mean the following (T to B):

  1. Elements
  2. Widgets
  3. Images

Schedule Report

When we click on schedule report button from the report detail page then right panel will be open which consist of frequency dropdown. After selecting particular frequency i.e daily, weekly, or monthly then report will be sent to particular email as per selected frequency.

Schedule Sidebar