Reports - Widgets


The widget section is used to add or edit the widgets in the report. We can go to the widget section by clicking on Widgets in the report sidebar.

Widget Button

The images section consists of different types of widgets.

Widget List

When we click on any widget then new modal will be open which consist of 2 sections Data and Settings.

In Data section, we have to select the desired sensor from the tree.

Widget List

Then Click on next button after selecting the desired sensors.

In setting sections, we have 2 tabs visual setting and data setting.

Visual setting consist of widget title, background color, X-axis, Y-axis, formula feature.

Widget List

Data setting consist of data aggreagation function, group interval, and the time interval

Widget List

On clicking save button, a new widget will be created.

We can also edit or delete the particular widget by clicking on edit button and delete button.

Widget List