Inviting Users


As we’ve already discussed, Users contains two tabs - Users and Invites. Users and Invites tab contains of list of Users and Invites respectively.

In order to invite a User, we first need to create a User Group for that. (Discussed in previous section)

Inviting a User

Now to invite a user, we need to be in Users tab.

Role Manager app

On the top right of Users list, there is an Invite User button.

Role Manager app

Clicking on this button will open up a modal. The Add asset modal contains two sections - Details and Apps.

Role Manager app

In the first section named Details, we have to enter the email that we want to invite and select a User Group using a dropdown which shows all the user groups that we’ve created. We can also select multiple user groups. Click on next button after entering the details.

Role Manager app

In the next section named Apps, there is a list of apps and action items. The apps and action items shown here which are already present in the selected user group are in disabled state. Here we can also select apps and action items which are not present in the selected User Group which will not be in disabled state. Clicking on save button will send an email invite to user.

Role Manager app

After the invitation is sent, the invited email gets listed in the Invites tab.

It contains the Invites list with their Email, Level, Status and Actions. In the Actions column, we have options to delete and re-invite users.

Clicking on re-invite button will again send an email invite to user.

When a user accepts the email invitation, then it is shown up in the Users list.

This is how we invite Users.