Webhook node can be used to call external Rest API and the response can be appended in the payload.

Action Fields


Name field can be used to give custom name to the node.


The API URL that needs to be called.

HTTP Method

Select the HTTP method of the API from the dropdown. Available options are:

  • PUT
  • POST
  • GET


Add headers as JSON object in the header input field.


If you want to pass body in the API call, add it as stringfied JSON in this field, it will be sent as body when calling the API.


Destination is the path in the payload where the API response should be appended.

Example: Let’s say we got following API response

    "temperature": 30

We wanted it as follows in the payload:

    "machine_1": {
        "parameters": {
            "temperature": 30

We will write destination as machine_1.parameters. The keys will be separated by ..